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Boats Fitted With Insane Car Engines

It’s not unusual to see a boat with a small block or big block Chevrolet swapped in place of whatever powerplant came installed from the factory. However, as with cars, some people take different – and downright cool – routes on their boat engine swaps.

In this video, we get to see several rather unique engine swap ideas that are all very cool and pretty dang fast to boot. The first craft utilizes possibly the most unexpected engine in the group, a diesel-drinking, turbocharged Mercedes straight six, complete with thick black smoke rolling out of the exhaust. Up next, probably the most likely non-domestic candidate for one of these swaps, Toyotas venerable 2JZ GTE, this one with what sounds like more than enough horsepower on tap to outrun anything on the water. Plus look at how quickly it rips through the course, all the while slinging a huge plume of water in the air.

Rotary engines have their own cult following, and it looks like that extends beyond the car world, with the third boat in the lineup running a Mazda 13B for motivation. This one is probably the best sounding boat in the group with that unique rotary tone. The vessel that takes the win, at least in my opinion, for overall badass of the bunch is the next one in the lineup, a race boat with a healthy Nissan RB30DET wedged in the back. Not only does this thing sound purely amazing, it also has to make a ton of power, as you can see while it’s shredding across the lake.

And finally, a couple more unexpected-but-cool ideas, a supercharged Volvo 5-cylinder and a Nissan SR20DET, both of which make nice power and should be dang near bulletproof. We can’t wait to see what else is out there in the boat engine swap world, because these are awesome!