Boats, Boats, And More Boats! The Best Sounds We’ve Heard In A While

Just when we’ve left the garage and thought that our wallets were safe because ...

Just when we’ve left the garage and thought that our wallets were safe because we weren’t wrenching on our car, in comes another way to spend a ton of money. For those who thought that high-performance was limited to things with wheels, they’re sorely mistaken.

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As fate would have it, high-performance can be had in a variety of different formats. Sometimes, this might even come on the water! Perhaps, performance on the water is one of the most fun forms to watch! There’s just something about a high horsepower boat that will absolutely make the adrenaline flow through the veins.

This time, we check-in from what looks to be the Tickfaw Poker Run and the boats here are downright insane. We get a strong feeling that pretty much anybody who enjoys horsepower is going to get a kick out of this one. The event showcases some of the most aggressive looking and sounding boats on earth! All of the like also have a little bit of performance in their back pocket to match.

Some of these things go beyond serious and are put into a whole category of their own that can be difficult to explain but just being able to see and hear these things in order to feel what it is that they have to offer is a sensory experience.

If you follow along down in the video below from Powerboat Nation, you get just that experience. All of these machines absolutely come to life!

We’ve never enjoyed something screaming in our faces so much! These things give us a taste of the good life as they absolutely dominate the scene at Tickfaw. Each and every vessel demands attention. They give us a little bit of a taste of something that we’re probably are going to add to the wishlist after watching this video. Boats like these are what dreams are made of and we can’t help but be completely immersed in this world!

Offshore Superboat Championships

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