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Bobby Tanner Insane Hillclimb… Will He Make It Up The Mountain?

If you’ve never seen a rock bouncer operate, you definitely don’t know what you’re missing, these guys really push the limits on physics to see just how hard they can lash out against the boundaries of mother nature, attempting to really throw down in their purpose built machines that are designed to throttle down and climb! As you watch for longer and longer periods of time, you’ll find yourself becoming increasingly impressed with what some of these things are able to get done.

Busted Knuckle Films tells us that “Viagra wasn’t hard enough for the legendary Bobby Tanner and his INSANE Coleworx Screaming Blue Buggy so to challenge himself, he picked out an almost vertical wall to try and conquer! It is quite impressive seeing a rig that has the ability to climb up a near vertical wall with WET tires, most other motorsports folks would call it quits when water meets tire, but they aren’t the legendary Tanner.”

Viagra and its surroundings are composed of a few unique features that make them unlike any other climb in the game. Instead of being a dirt hill, this hill is completely made of almost vertical rock. To make things even more difficult, as if that was necessary in an already challenging sport like this, it’s all seated in a body of water, making grip even more of a challenge for would be on-comers, but that fact simply doesn’t phase Bobby Tanner and that’s why he has put together such an impressive following.

The only thing allowing Tanner to conquer this obstacle is an all-out attitude. Bobby Tanner definitely does this and lives up to his madman reputation as he hammers down and doesn’t let off. Good thing that buggy didn’t flip over backward, landing upside down in that lake. Check out Bobby Tanner giving it all he’s got below.


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