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Boeing 777 Gear Swing is Both Massive and Majestic

In order to get some of the biggest machines into the air, it can take some massive equipment. No part of a Boeing 777 is exactly subtle and when it comes to the landing gear, it’s more of the same. While none of these things would be considered very maneuverable, the machinery behind them really helps the operation to mesh together smoothly and keep everyone safe and on their way!

This time, we check out the landing gear of one of these monsters being tested out as it comes out of the plane and is retracted back in once again, seemingly with ease, but we know that lots of moving parts need to come together to make sure that this kind of thing is able to be done safely each and every time! After all, it is crucially important equipment that you’re never going to want to fail on you unless you’re willing to take yourself and all of the possible passengers onboard on a wild ride that they will surely never forget!

Follow along with the massive undertaking down in the video below that will make you realize just how many moving parts have to go into a plane of this magnitude. This is just one small piece of the puzzle that comes together to make sure that you have a safe flying experience. Being able to witness something like this could give you just one more thing to appreciate while you’re flying thousands of feet above the ground!

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