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Bondo Gone Wrong – Rotten Dodge Powerwagon!

Bondo Gone Wrong – Rotten Dodge Powerwagon!

Some folks just don’t need to get their hands on Bondo. Granted that this Dodge Powerwagon probably would have rotted out anyway after being left for dead, this goes to a whole new extreme!

As the man behind the camera walks around the truck, we’re truly amazed that someone could actually use so much Bondo. Our jaws drop as he pulls off panel after panel.

Finds like this are always cool to check out as they leave a bittersweet taste in our mouth. Sure, they’re fun to look at, but could you imagine this thing in restoration condition!?

Check out the video below that gives us a walk around tour of this rotted out Dodge sitting in a field and getting ready to fall into dust. Does anyone have a guess at how many gallons of Bondo were used in this patch job?

This video proves that mudding in Russia is much different than it is in the states.