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Boosted GT Goes “End Game” With a Familiar Ride

With the new Street Outlaws: End Game show coming to life, there has been a lot of talk surrounding the crew from the 405. The first couple of episodes of the production surrounded both Ryan Martin and Kye Kelley as they showcased their saunter back into the world of small tire drag racing as Street Outlaws aims to go back to its roots.

With that in mind, we can’t help but wonder who else is going to pop up on the show and in what capacity. We do know that there are a couple of folks in the rumor mill who are said to make an appearance on End Game at one point or another. One teaser that we have received so far is that Farmtruck and AZN will most likely make their way back to Street Outlaws competition on the new show with the help of their “Dung Beetle” build. They unveiled this bit of information in a vlog video that showed them prepping the car for competition.

Could that possibly mean that other nostalgic favorite builds like Boosted GT’s screaming yellow New Edge Ford Mustang make their way into the fold as well?

While we don’t necessarily have any news that points in that direction, it certainly seems like a good fit. Fans seem to really be attracted to the Mustang that looks to be running as strong as ever.

This time, for example, we check in with a video from National No Prep Racing Association on YouTube as they follow along with the familiar face.

In the video below, we follow along as Boosted GT heads to the Hinton Street Races, an event that closes down the street and lets small tire cars like Boosted’s rip down the racing surface for a cool $10,000 pot. Whether or not we will see this car pop up on this season of Street Outlaws: End Game is TBD. What we can say, though, is that it’s still a ton of fun to watch Boosted GT throw down in the streets.


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