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BOOSTED S2000 vs Twin Turbo 68 Camaro

It takes some major balls to do what this Chevy Camaro driver just did. When lining up a race, sometimes the slower driver is give a certain number of car lengths as a handicap. Generally it will be a few, maybe one or two lenghts. This time, however the S2000 is given 13 lengths when $1000 is on the line!

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 2.50.34 PM

Now, according to the video description, the Camaro left off idle and the S2000 bogged second and spun. Excuses aside, this race was entirely too close as the Camaro had the s2000 right in the crosshairs the entire time. You’d think that such a gap in the beginning would call for a boring race, but it came down to the wire with a photo finish. Check out the video below to see who went home with the purse.