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Does BoostedGT Have What It Takes To Get Back On The List?

Does BoostedGT Have What It Takes To Get Back On The List?

Famed street racer Boosted GT aka Chris Hamilton has been doing his thing on the streets longer than some people who come on Street Outlaws have had their licenses. Dating back to the days of his original yellow Mustang, Boosted has made a name for himself. With his small block turbocharged small tire cars, he’s beaten just about everyone who has ever sat next to him at least once. These are big names that we’re talking about!

Boosted first came into the Street Outlaws fold as the leader of the Texas group of racers. As Big Chief himself put it, they’d “Kick in their teeth.” Hamilton is also a multiple-time Cash Days winner as well as a grudge veteran. It seems like he’s never scared to take on anyone. Big block turbo cars or big tire cars, it doesn’t matter. Hamilton isn’t one to back down from a challenge.

Chris made the move to Oklahoma a few seasons ago, in which he brought a newer Mustang to the list. He typically circulated near the bottom, never making it to number 1. However, to this day, he holds the highest spot ever held by a small tire car. Boosted proved to be a thorn in the side of many of the OKC top 10 list. Drivers really can’t afford to make a mistake when lining up next to him.

Boosted has since built himself a new car, ditching his signature yellow paint scheme.  It seems as if he has also decided that it’s time to level the playing field. Yes, Boosted can now fit a big tire under this car that flat out works! That twin turbo small block Ford is expected to put a hurting on the list.

Boosted has been spotted tearing up the no prep scene and some street action before trying out for the list once again. It’s not clear in the video what actually happens, but if we know anything about Boosted, it’s that he’s got as good of a shot as anyone at number 1.