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BoostedGT Talks Mega Cash Days He Hosted And Answers Questions

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on January 18, 2021

With a new season of Street Outlaws upon us, we can feel the excitement coursing through our veins. Of course, every season is hyped up as the best yet but this year, the crew is doing something a little bit differently. Each and every year, as they build upon their experience and try to bring about the most exciting product in racing, we see the building blocks continue to pile.

As the calendar has officially turned to 2021, the latest episodes of Street Outlaws will show off a new variation of cash days. For those unfamiliar with the cash days format, essentially, it’s a street racing tournament. This time, instead of just being any old tournament, it’s going to involve a whole entire slew of some of the most impressive street racers in the country.

With the competitors in this season’s “Mega Cash Days,” we find 64 folks who are proven badasses. These individuals have displayed, over the years, that they have what it takes to truly compete with some of the best which has made them some of the best themselves. As if that wasn’t enticing enough, there’s also going to be some pretty major money on the line here. More specifically, $600,000 will be up for grabs as these competitors look to take home a nice little chunk of change.

For those who missed the opening episode, we would recommend checking out those reruns. However, for those who caught the opener, this time, we check in with the host of Mega Cash Days, Boosted GT, as he gives us the rundown on what exactly went down and what he thought of the opening episode.

One of the best things about being as connected as we are these days that we get footage like this that would’ve never previously been possible. Fans of Street Outlaws can kick back relax, and enjoy this extra content that really gives us some insight into what’s going on behind the scenes.

Consider this your backstage pass!

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