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Bowling Ball vs Bullet-Proof Glass – Will it Go Through?

If you are poking around all corners of YouTube, you can find some pretty interesting experimental videos that put different mediums to the test to see exactly where their breaking points lie. Bulletproof glass is definitely one of the materials that we’ve seen tested out and put through torture more often than others.

Normally, the goal would be to fire a bunch of rounds through the glass or massive rounds to see exactly what kind of ammunition would be able to pierce through what kinds of bulletproof glass. While these videos certainly are interesting to watch, this time we meet up with an experimenter who has something little bit different in mind.

Instead of launching a multitude of rounds or even something like a 50 caliber piece of ammunition through the glass, he takes at it with a bowling ball, climbing up on a ladder to see how the ball will shatter the glass in order to make a cool effect for a coffee table that he’s trying to put together.

Watch the demonstration down below as he mounts the latter and shatters the glass with relative ease. I guess at the end of the day, the glass would have protected the person behind it from the blow so I would say that the glass has passed this test and also created a cool crack for decoration purposes.