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Brad Pitt’s F1 Movie Unveils Title, Release Date, and Poster

Fans React to the Title Reveal

Brad Pitt’s latest project has sparked a wave of reactions with the unveiling of its title, “F1.” Earlier today, Apple Studios announced that the highly anticipated race car film will hit U.S. theaters on June 27, 2025. Alongside this announcement, they released a teaser poster that reunites the creative team behind “Top Gun: Maverick”: director Joseph Kosinski, writer Ehren Kruger, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

However, not everyone was thrilled with the simplicity of the title. Some fans voiced their disappointment on social media, finding it lacking in creativity. One user humorously compared it to naming a basketball movie simply “NBA.”

Brad Pitt’s Involvement and Star-Studded Cast

Pitt, 60, has shown a growing interest in Formula One racing, attending the British Grand Prix at Silverstone Circuit in Northampton, England, for the second consecutive year. This film project, made in collaboration with the Formula 1 community, involves all ten F1 teams, their drivers, the FIA, and race promoters. The production also features seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton as a co-producer, adding a layer of authenticity and excitement to the project.

The movie’s cast is impressive, with Pitt playing a former driver who returns to Formula 1, alongside his teammate, portrayed by Damson Idris, at a fictional team called APXGP. The ensemble includes Oscar nominee Kerry Condon, Oscar winner Javier Bardem, Emmy Award winner Tobias Menzies, Emmy Award nominee Sarah Niles, Kim Bodnia, and Samson Kayo.

Behind the Scenes and Production Insights

“F1” stands out by incorporating real Grand Prix weekends into its shooting schedule, allowing the fictional team to compete against the sport’s titans. This innovative approach promises to deliver an immersive and authentic racing experience to the audience.

AUSTIN TEXAS OCTOBER 23 Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes meets Brad Pitt and Tim Cook in the garage prior to the F1 Grand Prix of USA at Circuit of The Americas on October 23 2022 in Austin Texas Photo by Mario Renzi Formula 1Formula 1 via Getty Images

The film’s production process has garnered significant attention, especially after Pitt’s recent appearances at major F1 events. Last October, he was spotted enjoying the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, mingling with Formula One star Lewis Hamilton and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The Growing Popularity of Formula One

Formula One racing has seen a surge in popularity, especially since the release of Netflix’s documentary series “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” in March 2019. The series has captivated both hardcore fans and new viewers, releasing a new season annually, with the latest installment airing on February 23.

Given this backdrop of rising interest in Formula One, the anticipation for Pitt’s “F1” movie is palpable. Despite some initial disappointment over the title, fans eagerly await the film’s release, hoping it will capture the drama and thrill of the sport.

Brad Pitt has already filmed at Silverstone and has returned to the circuit Via Gettyimages

Social Media Buzz and Expectations

Social media has been abuzz with reactions to the film’s title and upcoming release. While some criticized the title’s simplicity, others expressed their excitement. One fan enthusiastically commented, “Hand over the Oscar already!” reflecting the high expectations surrounding the film.

As the release date approaches, the film promises to offer an exciting blend of Hollywood star power and the high-octane world of Formula One racing. With Brad Pitt at the helm, supported by a talented cast and crew, “F1” aims to deliver a cinematic experience that will thrill both racing enthusiasts and moviegoers alike.

Pitt will play the role of a veteran driver called Sonny Hayes in the film via Gettyimages

Final Thoughts

Brad Pitt’s “F1” movie is set to be a major cinematic event in 2025. With its official title, release date, and a star-studded cast, the film has already generated substantial buzz. Despite mixed reactions to the title, the involvement of renowned filmmakers and the collaboration with the Formula 1 community promise an authentic and engaging portrayal of the sport. As fans gear up for its release, “F1” is poised to make a significant impact both in theaters and within the world of motorsport.