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Brand New ‘American Chopper’ Trailer Just Released

After nearly a decade of not working together, the Teutul family is back in action and on TV! After spending nearly 10 years apart, and fighting an ongoing legal battle with each other, Paul Teutul Sr. And son Paul Jr. are back, and building choppers together. Did you ever think this was going to happen?

Known for brutal arguments, chairs going through windows, and some of the wildest creations in the motorcycle world. The crew is back on Discovery Channel. We are curious to see if the duo has matured at all from their past lives when they were known for having hot tempers and arguing all the time!

This isn’t the first time the duo will be back on TV, as they had a 4 season spinoff “Senior vs Junior” which aired from 2010-2012 . However it is the first time they will be working together in the same shop. Do you think the father-son duo can work together?