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Brand New Camaro ZL1 Gets Sideways, Annihilated by Guardrail

It’s a situation that we have seen over and over again. As new and old cars alike leave various cars and coffee spots, the owners sometimes decide they want to get into it a little bit, opening up that exhaust and really putting on a show for the people nearby. However, even though it can really be a fun situation, sometimes these fun situations can turn sour in a hurry as the car beneath them simply slides out of control, disallowing the driver to regain that control and pilot the car where it needs to go. I don’t think that, from here, we really need to spell it out for you as to what happens next. You’ve seen plenty of those videos for yourself.

In this particular situation, we can’t really explain in detail what happened because it doesn’t appear as if there was a video captured that shows the instant unfolding in front of a camera.

However, that isn’t to say that the aftermath went unfilmed as lots of bystanders decided to pull out their phones and gets a recording as we spotted this new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, yeah, the supercharged one, being propped up on a guardrail and completely torn to shreds with all sorts of carnage hanging from every corner of the car, leading us to believe that it was probably one pretty nasty slide.

If you’re a pony car enthusiast, you might cringe just a little bit watching this video and may not even be able to handle seeing it all as the wreckage gets yanked up on the back of a tow truck, dragging along the carcass of the once spectacular car to be delivered to someone who is going to fix it or a salvage auction where the car might be able to live on a new life with another owner. For now, though, it looks like this owner has his hands full with picking up the pieces. We wish much luck to him in his endeavors.