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Brand New Ford Truck Getting Beat On! When You Just Don’t Care Anymore.

When you get your hands on a shiny new vehicle, most people will go to whatever lengths they can to keep it in the best condition that they possibly can, going out of their way to keep it clean and make sure everything is nice and maintained to hopefully get the most life possible out of it.

This time, however, we check out somebody who got their hands on a pretty new Ford F-150 and took it to the mud pit. It’s kind of hard to tell when the truck is all covered with mud but if this thing is the latest model year, but if it’s not, it’s pretty darn close to it.

Brand new or not, the person behind the wheel of the truck really doesn’t seem to care as a lay into the throttle and give it all that the truck has got, banging off the limiter as the Ford slowly makes its way through the mud, being put through the absolute wringer to test its limitations.

Check out the video below as the stock and cocky Ford goes up against an obstacle that the truck really really doesn’t look like it has any business trying to tackle. Hey, at the end of the day I guess the driver at least had a good time trying to get through this insane pit.


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