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Brand Spanking New Camaro Sprayed Down with Nitrous!

Normally, when somebody buys a brand new car, they strut their stuff around town, stretching out the car’s legs as it strolls through the streets and shows off the new style. Perhaps, the owner might even lay into the gas pedal a little bit to see exactly what she’s got.

As a motor head, however, when you see somebody get their hands on a brand new Chevrolet Camaro, the only thing that comes to mind first is, dominantly, “what kind of modifications are you going to do to it and when do you plan on doing them?”

Somehow, after being involved in the sport of racing for so long, that’s all that we can think about and to be honest, we wouldn’t have it any other way. It looks like the owner of this Camaro thinks exactly like we do as he skipped that whole traditional “new car appreciation” phase and showed his appreciation for the performance engineered ride in a completely different way.

After rolling that car right out of the dealership, it wasn’t long before the owner would strap down a bottle of nitrous to his new ride and take it out to the drag strip where it would manage to pull up the front wheels and make its way to some 10-second passes. Check out the video below that showcases the brand new ride that’s hit with a shot of nitrous and tell us what you think of the performance results.