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BREAKING: New Toyota Supra Commercial Leaked Ahead of Official Release

What were you doing in August of 2002?

Just to give you a little bit of a reminder of what was happening in that era, the original Spider-Man movie just came out, Michael Jackson was creating a media circus by dangling a baby over a balcony, and the very last Toyota Supra rolled off of the assembly line late that summer in August.

Ever since then, fans of the car have been clamoring for its return as it has become one of the community’s most iconic rides. Most thought that the car was headed to the history books and never coming back but earlier today, an accidental tweet by Toyota Mexico’s official account pulled the trigger a bit early, “accidentally” unveiling the car to the world in a way that seems to go against the company’s wishes. Either someone is about to get a stern talking to or Toyota just wanted to try to stir the pot a little bit to see if they could make some waves ahead of the car’s official release, an unlikely story but one for those conspiracy lovers to chew on a bit.

The tweet that read “Our new Supra arrived in Japan! And this is the story that Akio Toyoda tells us about his return” was accompanied by the video below and jumped the gun a bit on the car’s scheduled official unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show three days from now.

Anyway, the wait is over and we can finally feast our eyes on what just over 16 years of hype looks like as it has come to life. A couple of days from now, I’m sure we’ll be getting gobs more images to drool over, so stay tuned to see more to come from the revival of a legend!

It’s quite crazy to think that when the last Supra was released, the kids who were being born are just getting their drivers licenses today. That’s quite a gap in production but long story short, we’re completely ready for the return!