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BREAKING NEWS: TexPlex Comes On Board With Alex Laughlin As Sponsor For NHRA Pro Stock Race In Houston

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on October 20, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: TexPlex Comes On Board With Alex Laughlin As Sponsor For NHRA Pro Stock Race In Houston

For the upcoming NHRA race in Houston, Pro Stock driver, Alex Laughlin, will be joining forces with a new sponsor, TexPlex, who will provide their support on the October 23-25 event.

“We’re excited to partner with Alex for this event and see it as a great opportunity for TexPlex Park and what we’re working to achieve. The partnership makes sense to our team here at TexPlex because Alex comes out for the UTV series in his downtime and we want to support those who support us as well as expand the presence of TexPlex to greater racing community.

TexPlex Park is an off-road park and has been evolving its options for off-road riders of UTV/ATV, trucks, MX, and more. A variety of high-quality tracks offer the public the opportunity to ride on a regular basis, as well as a range of races coming in 2021 for amateurs and professionals. We’re ultimately trying to grow TexPlex Park and want it to be a competitive venue for top off-road racing and a place that introduces people to the off-road world whatever their background may be. You can learn more about TexPlex at or follow us on Facebook”

Laughlin spoke on the partnership by saying “This all came up when NHRA confirmed the Vegas race is happening. A lot of us didn’t expect it to and we assumed Houston would be the last event. Havoline, my strongest partner, has stated they want the last race of the year, wherever it may be. Leaving me with 10 days to find the funding before Houston, I blasted out texts and emails like crazy. Jeff Love, the owner of Texplex Park, loves racing and said YES to this opportunity. I’m a huge fan of Texplex Park and go out to race my Can-Am when aren’t drag racing. They’ve built an off-road empire and it’s spectacular. I’m so thankful for these guys to hop onboard.”

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