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Bristol’s Street Outlaws 100k No Prep Race Complete Round One

Monday night, the stars of the hit Discovery Channel street racing show Street Outlaws put a whole new spin on the show when they loaded up and headed east to historic Thunder Valley Raceway in Bristol Tennessee for a huge no prep race. Joining the stars of the original show in competing for the $100,000 total purse were several stars of Street Outlaws New Orleans along with some of the biggest names in the world of no prep track racing.

The winner’s cut of the race was a substantial $60,000 dollars, so everybody on the property came to take their best shot at the world class facility’s surface, although it wouldn’t be quite as sticky as when the superstars of the NHRA roll into town. But we knew that the unprepped surface would be an equalizer, limiting traction to keep the playing field level and put the race squarely in the hands of of the drivers and the tuners to manage power and get down the track.

National No Prep Racing Association had a man in the stands recording the action, and they’ve posted the whole first round for the fans who either missed the show or just want to relive the action without the admittedly annoying editing that stretches the runs out far longer than they actually are for dramatic effect. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need to make the races more interesting, but for actual race fans and gearheads, we would rather just see the pass from beginning to end, like this.

The first pair is about as crazy as it gets. The twin turbo Mustang known as Megatron lines up with the nitrous injected Camaro known as Roxxie. Both cars fight for traction right off the line, with Roxxie finding a little bite while Megatron got crossed up and smacked the wall with the rear end. Roxxie was declared the winner as soon as Megatron crossed the centerline, earning himself a pass to the second round.

I’m not going to spoil the rest of the races for you, you have to hit that play button below and watch for yourself to see who all moved on to round #2.