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Bronco Engineers Spotted After Hitting the Most Difficult Trail in America – Here’s the Damage

The release of the 2021 Ford Bronco has come and gone. With it, we have had some time to really sort out how we feel about the SUV. Even after the massive initial pop that provided a positive reaction, it seems like people are still really high on the offering. Surprisingly, the internet still hasn’t picked it apart! How often does that happen?

One of the main sticking points about the SUV that we’ve found in comment sections across the web seems to be its capability of off-roading. Personally, from all the comments I have been reading, it seems like people are starved for something new and fun in the American off-road truck realm. The Bronco promises to deliver just that but we’re going to have to wait until it hits the streets to know how effective it’ll be… or will we?

In a recent post to Facebook, a Facebook user by the name of Brian McCormick spotted a group of Broncos. In the caption, he speculated that the trucks had likely been tested on the nearby Rubicon Trail. Let’s just say that the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon didn’t grab its name out of thin air. Instead, the trail is known as one of the most challenging for vehicles that take it on as it puts them through incredibly rough conditions.

Image: Brian McCormick

As ExtremeTerrain.com puts it “Rumor has it there isn’t a trail anywhere in the world tougher on your Jeep than the Rubicon Trail. Located in the High Sierras near Tahoe Lake, the relentless journey is a non-stop adventure over man-sized boulders, heaving granite slabs, perilous ledges, and deep mud-water crossings. The rewards are sparkling fresh air, incredible views and the satisfaction of conquering the almost insurmountable obstacles.”

The post also speculates that the Broncos were being driven by product engineers. We would presume that the entire goal for these engineers was to absolutely torch the SUV in every single way that they could and report back where they found the weak points.

Image: Brian McCormick

Below, we find the pictures that tell a million words. At the end of the day, it’ll be hard to judge the Bronco by some pictures without context. However, we find it pretty fascinating to see the beating that these things took. Another noteworthy feature is that the Broncos are sitting on beadlocked wheels for extra grip as they were being hounded on.


So apparently the Ford Bronco engineers were spotted in Tahoe after what most likely was a trip through the Rubicon. I…

Posted by Brian McCormick on Wednesday, August 5, 2020