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Budget Go Kart Built For A Whopping 28 Bucks

With just about anything in life, there are multiple ways to skin a cat. For example, when it comes to a budget, sometimes, there are options that cost more money and options that can be more friendly to keeping your piggy bank together. It’s all up to you to decide where it’s worth holding off on spending the extra money and when it might be worth just coming off of your back account a little bit and deciding that the item in question is worth spending a pretty penny for. After all, in life, there are certainly going to be things that you don’t want to cheap out on.

One place where most people seem to try and save a little bit of money would definitely be with their toys. After all, if you’re building something like a go-kart, it might not necessarily warrant going all out with the bank account and spending as much money as possible. In fact, when it comes to mechanical things like this, many folks will tell you that budget builds make it all that much more fun as you attempt to build projects that exceed expectations without exceeding the amount that you have in your checking balance.

If you follow along down in the below, you’ll be taken along for a ride with a go-kart build that cost almost nothing when you look at what other similar machines cost. For the price of maybe a half decent dinner, these guys managed to source together a bunch of parts and assembled them in such a way as to have a junkyard go-kart that ended up racking up a mean $28.25 in the build sheet. I don’t care what kind of toy you’re building, for a budget like that, it might just be worth taking a shot if you think it’ll pay off with any amount of fun in the long run.