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Buick Regal T-Type With Donks Loses Wheel ON The Launch!

This whole video is well worth the watch, but what got our attention is right at the beginning. As we well know, donks have become all the rage in the drag racing world, and watching these big body cars on massive wheels do their thing on the track has jumped to the top of our list of favorite things to do.

Of course, as with any type of racing, there are some hiccups here and there, and as always, lessons to be learned from each mistake, and an opportunity to upgrade a weak link in your ride to make it more reliable next time out. Most of these cars have altered suspensions to make room for the massive wheels crammed under the car, but the modifications don’t necessarily work for keeping the tires planted. What can happen, and what I think caused this car to lose its wheel and subsequently spin around and smack the wall.

Anybody who’s ever been in a car experiencing wheel hop can verify it’s a brutal phenomenon that can break almost any part in the rear end of a car’s drivetrain. I’ve personally busted a couple of ring gears due to wheel hop and have seen several cars shear off lug nuts, which is what appears to have happened to the good looking Buick.

There are steps you can take to combat wheel hop, but a big part of the problem, at least as from what I understand, is the low profile tires that differ drastically from a purpose-built drag tire with a softer side wall. Hopefully the car isn’t too badly damaged and the driver can get it repaired and get back on the track.

Check out the rest of this video from Demonology too, there’s some great racing in the 15 minute video to go along with the little mishap at the beginning.



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