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Build For Brain Cancer: Kristian Drives His 1300HP ’69 Camaro Z/28

Over the last couple of months, those who have been tuning into the Speed Society YouTube channel have been watching something special come to life.

Our friend, Kristian, was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. All that you want, in a situation like this, is to help whoever the person is to get better. Unfortunately, we don’t have that power. What we did have, though, was a dedicated team and lots of friends who were willing to help another one of his dreams come true. It would take a lot of work, but we would venture to say that Kristian is ecstatic with the outcome.

Kristian is as big of a car nut as any of us. Like any good car enthusiast, he had an ongoing project in his garage. In a phenomenon that many of us have experienced, the project wasn’t getting enough attention. The rigorous schedule and side effects of Kristian’s diagnosis weren’t helping the matter either.

This is where Speed Society and a whole host of others jumped in to try and help. Now that all of the efforts has finally come together, we’re going to get to watch Kristian get behind the wheel of his 69 Camaro. The smile on his face made everything more than worth it. It’s almost impossible to crack into the throttle of a beast like this without letting that grin slip in.

This time, we follow the moments as the car is finally able to hit the dyno and Kristian gets to drive his car for the first time. There’s really something powerful about the automotive community that is hard to put into words. Heck, Kristian was barely able to put his emotions into words. However, we all have to say that we’re incredibly grateful to see exactly what the community is able to accomplish when we work toward a greater good.