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Building a $20,000 Racing Sim Looks Like the Ultimate in Quarantine Entertainment

Quarantine definitely tends to put a damper on things. However, the silver lining in this whole pandemic situation is that some folks seem to have learned a little bit about themselves. Perhaps that something is that they need to be a little bit more independent. Relying on others to fill one’s needs can definitely be dangerous in such an environment.

Preparation is key!

As folks have been stuck inside, many have turned to alternative methods of living. This involves everything from how we feed ourselves to how we make money and even how we entertain ourselves. This time, we focus a little bit on the latter. As the future seems to be rather uncertain, keeping good mental health is very important when forced to quarantine! This is where entertainment comes into the fold. Some may want to stock up on fun-having equipment because we never know when something like this might pop up again.

This time, we’re able to check out a little something-something that should scratch that itch for car guys and gals. Thanks to YouTuber, Tj Hunt, we’re able to check out a racing simulator build for the ages. Now, this isn’t just your everyday store-bought steering wheel slapped to a bracket and taken into the living room. Instead, Hunt is building a motion simulator. In other words, aside from the wheel and pedals, the entire seat moves. The idea is to add another layer of immersion to make one feel like they’re truly in the race.

Hunt describes the rig itself as an “At home rig that is relatively cheap,” citing the cost at around $4,000. When all was said and done for the entire setup, though, the price tag appears the climb to somewhere around $20,000. Now, we get that most people aren’t going to have that kind of capital to toss at a racing simulator. However, it’s pretty neat to see how something like this comes together!

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