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Building A Custom Set Of 100-Inch Wide Wheels For A Duramax

There are certain situations that you’ll find yourself going up against where you can’t help but wonder “Why?” However, the person behind this sort of situation is probably wondering “Why not?” and this is exactly what we’re checking out here as this individual has taken it upon himself to create a sort of crazy setup for his Chevrolet Silverado, one unlike you have ever seen on a diesel truck before and we’re not necessarily sure if that’s for better or for worse. I guess that we will let you be the judge on that one after you get the check it out for yourself.

As the trends go, today in diesel trucking, it turns out that a lot of enthusiasts like to get themselves a nice wide set of wheels in order to show off their machine with the slick rims that they were able to purchase. However, this time, the owner of this Duramax powered truck takes it upon himself to go above and beyond in that category, really blowing every single other wheel setup out of the water entirely as he decides to create his very own wheels that are 100 inches wide each. As you could imagine, and as the man behind it all probably predicted, it was a complete disaster but it’s a lot of fun to watch nevertheless.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly how these wheels came together as a project to celebrate 100,000 likes an Instagram page. After seeing something like this, you’ll have to wonder what other kinds of crazy concepts this creator is going to come up with in order to please his fans. We have to admit that even though this is probably one of the worst ideas that we have seen, functionality wise, at least, it certainly has a unique way of keeping us entertained.