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Building a Hot Wheels Loop Track in Real Life – Documentary Tells All

Growing up, the Hot Wheels brand was one that was a part of many of our lives in a big way as diecast car collections spanned all over our parents’ living rooms. It’s one of those brands that has even transcended itself into American culture, becoming a pop culture icon that is probably recognized by more people than not.

Many of us might have gotten our kicks a younger age playing with Hot Wheels but this time, we take a look at a Hot Wheels demonstration that has upped the ante, taking it from small diecast cars to bring real-life cars into the action and it’s just as intense as it sounds.

If you remember correctly, Hot Wheels tracks came in all shapes and sizes, spanning all different kinds of themes that would allow you to use your imagination to create your very own world of racing but the most basic concept around most of these tracks was the loop, the seemingly gravity defying structure that would allow you to shoot your cars up into to the air through the track, using their momentum to make them go upside down and come back down again safely.

This time, the iconic Hot Wheels structure comes the life and this video will detail the journey as a touch of engineering comes into play when the goal at hand is to shoot a real-life car upside down through a loop, like the ones from the diecast collections, and have a come back down on the other side. It might just seem like something that involves a ton of power to do but this one most certainly is a lot more complicated than it sounds. Check out the details for yourself.


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