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He Replaced A Built Motor With A Stock One and Went Faster?

When it comes to building a machine to go fast, the options are seemingly endless. Depending on preference and budget, a build could go all sorts of different ways. Naturally, one would think that the faster a vehicle gets, the more “built” the components should be. Stock parts can only go so far, after all.

No matter how far guys on the internet are stretching out their stock parts, they definitely have a point of no return.

While bringing high dollar components to the table might be preferable in most situations, it might not always be better. After all, in the LS community, there are guys building rides in their driveways making 1000 hp and doing so reliably. When looking at these sorts of builds, it can really be hard to resist. It might just be worth taking a shot at stretching out these stock components because, well, why not?

This time, we head out to LS Fest West to check out a story that actually ends up being the opposite of the norm. Instead of blowing up the stock stuff and going with something heavier duty, this Chevrolet Silverado owner had something else entirely in mind.

After rocking out with a built motor for quite some time, the truck in question would end up going back to a factory unit. Naturally, this might be an indicator that the truck would take a step back. To everyone’s surprise, though, the truck would actually end up going faster! In the heat of the Las Vegas Desert, we watch the truck as it not only competes in but wins the truck class!

By following along with the BigKleib34 video down below, we’re able to catch up with all the action. This truck might not have all the highest dollar components. By golly, it certainly rolls out, though!