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Builty 500 HP Turbo Jet Ski Rips Brutal 35psi Accelerations

As automotive performance enthusiasts, sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves. It really seems like, if the vehicle in question has an engine, we just can’t help but make it go faster. Whether it’s in the sky, driving on the highway, or in the sea, there will be somebody looking to crank up the intensity.

This time, we head to the third option. In a water-bound summer fun episode from the guys over at That Racing Channel, we check in with a jet ski that is all about acceleration. In fact, the machine that has to weigh almost nothing is cranking out 500 turbocharged horsepower. There are 35 pounds of boost being forced through the engine in order to facilitate the watery fun. It doesn’t take an engineer to know that the result has to be an absolute blast.

In this one, the crew takes us inside of the build and how exactly it all comes together. While many components of this PWC built by JP Racing Inc are strictly marine, there are also plenty of elements familiar to those who like building cars. The end product is certainly something that we’re familiar with as the machine gets turned into an aquatic rocket to blast through the water of the rider’s choosing.

By following along with the video below, we’re taken through the journey to bring this jet skit life. It’s notable that the companies producing these jet skis are making more and more robust performance platforms. However, it’s the aftermarket that seems to really take the platforms and send them to an entirely new level.

There’s just something about going fast that we can’t get enough of, no matter what the format is. After checking this one out, we seem to have a hankering for hopping into the water with some speed. – Jpracinginc


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