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Bulldozer Gone Wild: Police Car Crushed During Wild Chase

The first thing that you naturally go to think of when you see a headline like this is the idea that maybe it came out of something like a Grand Theft Auto video game. However, when you see that it was a real-life scenario, you have got to see the footage that accompanies such a story. With things like these, you would never think that people would go out and actually do such acts until the moment that it all really happens. This time, that strange fantasy became a reality and thanks to the dash cam footage from the police cruisers following the incident, we’re able to see it all happen in front of our own eyes. Even after watching it, though, it’s still pretty unbelievable.

As the title of this story suggests, this time, we’re catching up with somebody who decided to get behind the controls of a bulldozer as it runs through the streets, crushing a police cruiser in the process and having what the person behind the wheel probably thought to be a great time. I’m not sure how you could possibly think that someone would see this as being any sort of a good idea, but when you learn that the bulldozer was stolen by an 18-year-old who also happen to be tied up with drugs, it all starts to come into focus. None of these factors are necessarily good ideas so it only follows that some ruckus like this is what came of it.

The video below shows it all as the teenager pilots the bulldozer through the streets, crushing whatever is in his way and rolling that dozer all the way to charges of attempted murder and driving under the influence of drugs. If there is one event that could wake you up to get your life back together, I would venture to think of that sobering up and realizing that you destroyed a city with a bulldozer would probably do the trick.