Burnem DOWN! Buddies Put Together A Burnout Party In Maine And Burn Them Down!

Cruise ins. Car shows. Meet ups. Drag races. Half mile shootouts. Standing mile ...

Cruise ins. Car shows. Meet ups. Drag races. Half mile shootouts. Standing mile events. Roll racing.

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These are just a few of the traditional types of car meets that most of us have heard of and many have likely participated in or at least gone to watch as a spectator. Today, I’m officially nominating “Burnout Party” for addition to the list of automotive events, because these should be much more common.

While we have seen burnout competitions galore held in conjunction with other events, we’ve more really seen anything that is a single event comprised entirely of burnouts and donuts on a big skid pad. Obviously, there should be much more of this in the world, and these guys will stand as The Ones. The crew that started the motion. The dudes that got the smoke rolling, as it were.

The video was posted to Facebook by a fellow named Joey Thompson, so we’re going to give him the credit, at least until somebody else chimes in with the correct info, as the man who came up with the idea: gather up a bunch of buddies at a wide open skid pad and cut loose, boiling the hides off of anything and everything that wasn’t to jump into the fray.

There’s no competition, there are no winners or losers, there are no prizes or trophies. There’s a group of gear heads with some cool rides gathered together to make smoke and noise and it’s glorious. There are pickup trucks, both large and small. There are cars, large and small. There are motorcycles. There’s something for everyone, young and old, male and female, mild and wild.

Tell us in the comments what you guys think about officially adding “Burnout Party” to the gearhead group event lexicon, to be implemented as often as possible from coast to coast? Something tells me you guys are gonna be all about on this idea!

Video By – Paul Daigle


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