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Burnout ’til it Breaks (Japanese-Inspired Foxbody Mustang)

Just when I thought I had seen every “take” on the Fox Body, I see this and it changes so much of my perception of the community as a whole because it shows me just how much more there can be if we all expand our horizons and put aside these preconceived notions of what is cool or not cool.

Ron Baugh combined an American hotrodding icon and a  foreign style that most would say is incompatible and created a Project Kitsune, a ’91 Mustang coupe that is, at least in my opinion, one of the coolest Mustang’s I’ve ever seen. The build had only been completed a couple of months when Ron decided to take it to visit our brothers at Hoonigan HQ for a little taste of what the blown 351 Windsor powerplant was capable of. Unfortunately, things didn’t end so well…

Before we get to the ending though, we have to discuss the car itself. The first thing that most people are going to notice will be either the custom wrapped hood or the fender flares, which give the car a totally different look from any other fox we’ve ever seen. Ron tells the story behind the car while the Hoons drool over the unique build. After they’ve heard the history, Baugh decides to let the estimated 600 horsepower under the hood out for a little fun, ripping off some burnouts right there in the Backyard. While slinging the rear end around, Ron slings something else; the belt off the water pump and alternator. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Ron decides to shred a little more rear tire by doing the traditional burnout for the cause, letting the extra wide rear tires – which are mounted on different style wheels on each side – sing the songs of their people, right up to the point that his engine overheated and spilled out all of its antifreeze right there on the ground in the Backyard.

Watch the whole video and check out all the info about the build itself and how it came to be. It’s a hell of a story for sure, and we think you’ll enjoy it tremendously.

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