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#BurnoutsForWyatt Turns Into Worldwide Phenomenon to Back 4-Year-Old With Cancer.

For anyone who has a friend with a fast car, they might’ve noticed the hashtag, #burnoutsforwyatt floating around. Where did it come from and how has it made its way all over our newsfeeds?

Wyatt’s Story

The story started in December of 2018, according to a post by Wyatt Spann’s parents, Greg and Christy Spann. Wyatt was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a very aggressive brain cancer that had spread down his spine. It was at this time that they were presented with news that no parent wants to receive. They were told that their son was days away from not having a fight.

Fast forward to January of 2020 and Wyatt has become a worldwide phenomenon. His battle has involved 7 extremely hard rounds of chemo, stem cell transplant, and radiation. This comes in addition to surgery and tons of scans and testing on a regular basis. As Greg and Christy put it, Wyatt has been through more in a year than most will have to deal with in a lifetime.

Unfortunately, Wyatt has recently been brought home to share his final moments with his family. They have reported that they are slowly losing him as his health is failing but he’s not in any pain. Wyatt has put up an incredible fight, far surpassing the original timetable. He should act as an inspiration for those who feel like hope has been lost.

The Movement

Because this young man has such a love for burnouts, the hashtag began. We’re not sure if anyone had any idea how huge this would get but let’s just say that it has certainly ballooned into something massive. As folks began to shred some tires and post them with the #burnoutsforwyatt hashtag, the trend began. Before long, it would erupt into thousands of videos of people doing burnouts to show Wyatt their love and support.

At first, it might’ve started out with a few people wanting to show Wyatt that they cared. However, it would spiral into the likes of the biggest names in motorsports showing their love. Below, we see Alex Laughlin, Murder NovaLUTZ RACE CARS, and NASCAR’s Joey Logano sending positivity in Wyatt’s direction.

We have absolutely no idea how difficult something like this must be for Wyatt and his family. However, we do have to say that Wyatt’s fight has certainly sent a shockwave through the world. If nothing else, the movement has shown that we can come together for one another in our times of need. Furthermore, Wyatt has acted as a symbol of strength that has surely inspired hundreds of thousands of people. Check out all the burnouts on #Burnoutsforwyatt Facebook page.





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This is for my buddy Wyatt battling brain cancer. Stay strong and keep fighting!! #burnoutsforwyatt

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