Buying the Cheapest Aston Martin Vanquish Because it Was Owned by a Drug Lord

In the everyday lives of an abundance of people, we come in touch with used ...

In the everyday lives of an abundance of people, we come in touch with used automobiles. The phenomenon is certainly something very common as people look to avoid depreciation. At the end of the day, buying used basically guarantees that you won’t be the biggest yearly loser on your car. Instead, you could hope that some of that initial sticker shock kind of wears away by the time that the car gets to you.

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When folks drive around in used cars, they normally think about a couple of different things. Perhaps, they wonder what kind of maintenance and care the previous owner took with the car. Sometimes, a used car can end up being a lemon because the person who owned it before you just treated it so poorly that it’s not very reliable. This is something that people will commonly think of when they go to purchase a used automobile.

One thing that we don’t think about, though, is the personality of the previous owner of the car and their lifestyle. Beyond some things that will directly impact the car like if this previous owner was a smoker or not, we don’t really stop to think about the person who owned it before us. One of the crazy things is that anybody could have owned your car, in theory. It could’ve been somebody who’s exactly like you or potentially a driver who is exactly the opposite. In some cases, the previous owner might’ve even been someone who did something really illegal.

This time, over on the VINWiki YouTube channel, we get to dive into that just that. For this particular 2003 Aston Martin Vanquish, the ownership history seems a bit sketchy. In fact, it seems as if a previous owner of this machine was, in fact, a druglord. The story behind a car doesn’t get much more interesting than that!

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