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Tourist terrified by new glass walkway that cracks under weight

Whoever came up with the idea to hang a glass walkway out over the almost-4,000 foot drop off overlooking the edge of this valley was a genius. Whoever decided to make it look like it was cracking everywhere a tourist stepped is also a genius, just a diabolical one. However, there’s no denying that this is a really cool special effect that would mess with just about anybody, even if they knew what was going on.

This walkway is located in Handan City in China’s Hebei province. Situated overlooking a deep canyon in the East Taihang Mountains, the walkway runs nearly 900 feet, giving tourists a breathtaking, if slightly unnerving, look over the edge of the deep canyon below. For most of the walk across the walkway, visitors are treated to the sweeping views of the area. However, toward the end of the walkway, special sensors track where the tourists step and trigger the cracking glass animation and sound effect, delivering a shock to the passers-by as they meander along. Obviously, to the unsuspecting visitor, this is going to trigger some pretty intense reactions, much like the man seen in the video below, who was obviously terrified at the possibility of plummeting to his death.

However, the panels are inspected daily and have shown no signs of breaking despite having hundreds of visitors cross them daily. There is one account of another glass walkway that did actually have one of its panels crack under the weight of a visitor, sending him scrambling for safety and resealing in the attraction being close for quite some time while the panels were all inspected. Luckily that was just a crack as well and didn’t result in any injuries, as that would surely end the whole glass walkway phenomenon that has taken the nation of China by storm.