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C8 Corvette With A Little Nitrous Is Deep In The 10’s

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on April 13, 2020

C8 Corvette With A Little Nitrous Is Deep In The 10's

As drag racing fanatics, there are some things that we can’t help. One of those things is hopping straight to action when a new platform comes out. This includes not only comparing it to every other platform. After all, we want to see who is building the best car these days. It also means modifying these platforms and seeing how they like the modification as well.

We Didn’t Think it Would Happen this Fast

It was only a couple of days ago that we saw the first couple of C8 Corvettes find their way to their owners. After a long wait, we would finally be able to see what these cars are really about. When it came to Carlyle Racing’s example of a C8, they didn’t hesitate to slap some nitrous on their car.

On Mark Carlyle’s Facebook page, we find the car making its way down the track to an impressive pass. With just a 50 shot of the giggle gas, the car managed to pull off an incredible 10.65-second pass to the tune of 130 mph.

Now, we know what some are going to say. How impressive could this really be if the car has nitrous on it? Well, with something as small as a 50 shot on board, we can’t help but be impressed with how the car performed. Given that no tuning software is available, either, we have to presume that this is nowhere near max efficiency.

When we follow along with the video below, we get to watch and listen as the new Corvette makes the incredible pass. The crew behind the camera here almost can’t believe it themselves when the board lights up. They had to check with the tower to make sure that everything was right when they saw the middle 10-second pass displayed in lights. Lo and behold, everything was as it appeared.

This definitely can’t help but excite us to see what the future of this platform is going to look like. – That Racing Channel

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