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Cages: High Strength Steel | Chevrolet

Cages: High Strength Steel | Chevrolet

In the latest marketing push by Chevrolet, we’re greeted with quite the odd scenario. In attempts to convince all potential customers that their trucks are stronger, they greet their participants with a challenge.

In a room sits two cages, one made of steel and the other aluminum. In a wild plot twist, a grizzly bear is released into the room and the participants are asked to choose the cage that they feel safest in.

In this testing method, the idea that they’re trying to reinforce to us is that the steel used to construct the Chevrolet Silverado is perceived as stronger than the competition and while it’s based purely off perception, the oh so obvious jab at Ford is real.

Check out the video below that takes squares up with competitors using other materials and tell us what your take on the situation is. Do you think that this is an effective way to advertise?

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