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Calgary Man finds stolen truck at Pick N Pull junkyard

I personally couldn’t imagine having to go through a situation where my car or truck would be stolen out right from under me but for this Calgary man, that situation would come to life in front of his eyes as his prize GMC Sierra pickup truck would be snatched from his possession.

Instead of the truck going away and being lost in the endless world for eternity, the man would eventually stumble upon his ride in a junkyard. He might have been fortunate to come into contact with his set of wheels again, but they were in nowhere near the condition that he’d left them in.

Check out the video below that takes you through what’s left of his truck after he’d found it dumped in a junkyard and left for dead. That has to be the worst feeling ever, being left in a place where you’re truly helpless, left only to keep on searching and see if the criminal behind it all has slipped up somewhere! If you want to listen in to his story, it’s told below.