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California Neighbors Attempt to Sue BMW Owner For $15,000 Citing “Loss of Quiet Enjoyment”

It’s a story that we’ve heard again and again – angry neighbors and their hate for any car that they perceive to be loud. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be a car. If you find yourself cutting the grass too early, it might even end up causing a rift between you and the people next door.

In one California neighborhood, apparently, some folks wanted to take things to another level. When a couple of neighbors decided that one resident’s BMW was too loud, they decided to break out a couple of lawsuits.

I know that America is the land of the lawsuit but is that even possible!?

According to Tire Meets Roadplaintiffs are attempting to sue Carlsbad, California resident, Bryan Hillman, for a total of $15,000. Hillman went to Twitter to show his disapproval, saying “LMFAO I’m Screaming,” after finding out that his neighbors hired an attorney to serve him papers.

In the first claim, the angry neighbor claims that the defendant owes a sum of $10,000, citing a $2,000 per year “loss of quiet enjoyment of our home.”

It’s not exactly apparent how one would determine a monetary value for a loss of quietness but apparently, this neighbor and their lawyer figured it out.

A second claim seeks $5,000 in damages, only looking to recoup $1,000 for each year stating “Mr. Hillman’s behavior interferes with the quiet enjoyment of my property due to his wreckless use of his vehicle.”

Tire Meets Road claims that most of Hillman’s social media posts showing him “ripping donuts or breaking traction” in and around his neighborhood have been set to private or deleted.


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