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California Police Looking for Man Seen ‘Car Surfing’ on Highway

As a youngster, you probably are or were a lot more brash and bold than the older version of yourself, getting wrapped up in all different kinds of antics that the adult version of you would never even think about trying and might even take some time to criticize.

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This time, we check out a couple of kids hanging out in a Chevrolet Silverado and they’re, well, being kids, as one of the boys takes a minute to hop out of the truck and start dancing on the running board, all while the pickup continues on moving down a busy California highway.

Either way, what this young man saw as a little bit of fun has landed him in some hot water as ABC News tells us that the California police are now searching for the man that was seen “car surfing” as it was all captured on video. It looks like this little dance might just cost him more than he thought.

Check out the video down below that shows off the car surfing charade and be sure to tell us what you think of this antic. Is it just a harmless little display or do you think that the police should chase this guy down because of how dangerous the act was?


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