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Call the Tow Trucks, Sorted Episode 7 Pushes Competitors PAST the LIMIT!

For those who are just now showing up to the show, welcome. You have a little bit of catching up to do but you’ve definitely come at the right time. For those who would like to binge the rest of the Sorted episodes first, they can be found here. However, for those who want to jump straight into the action, we’re getting into the thick of things.

Long story short, the Sorted series has one goal and one goal only – to find the car that provides the best of all worlds. In the performance community, often, there is a trade-off between performance and comfort among other factors like reliability and efficiency. When performance improves, comfort and other factors like reliability tend to sometimes fly out the window. The goal of this series is to figure out if there is a car or a particular combination that can really make the most of both sides of this equation.

In order to get to the bottom of this, our hosts take a collection of cars from both sides of the country through several challenges. After seeing how they perform on the street, this time, it’s time to head to the track. In this particular episode, we find the cars from the west coast side of the challenge as they are put through a 60-150 mph test, time attack, and a couple of laps on the road course.

At the end of the day, this is really where the winners are made or go bust. Pushing these cars to the performance limit is one way to end up putting them on a trailer and sending them home. However, for those that are up for the challenge, the lion’s share of points are going to come during the performance part of this challenge.

Down in the video below, the help of Tanner Foust is enlisted in order to see exactly what these machines are made of.


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