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Camaro Clips The CURB But SAVES IT

In the scheme of drag racing, things can get hairy and drivers can lose control of their cars faster than you can snap your fingers as they hurl down the strip at incredible speeds.

As we see with the Chevrolet Camaro pictured here, that phenomenon becomes even more prevalent when the cars are taken off of the track and introduced to an unprepared surface like the street.

A lot of the time, losing control like this will obviously end up with big-money damage and ultimately, even worse, personal injury or death.

However, this time, the driver behind the wheel of the Camaro gets incredibly lucky as he runs into the curb but is able to recover and make it down the road all in one piece without being jarred too badly.

Check out the video below as some quick thinking and even quicker hands keep this car rolling with the rubber side facing down.