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Camaro Owner Slams Into Mustang… Continues To Doing Donuts!

No matter what kind of driving is that you just so happen to be doing, if you run into somebody else, the thing to do would be to get out and check on the damage and make sure that everybody’s alright. Even if you’re driving in a situation where a crash is almost expected to occur, I don’t think that anybody in their right mind would just keep on going after colliding with another vehicle. However, if you asked the owner of the Chevrolet Camaro, he would say something a little bit differently, I suppose, especially after you check out this video as evidence.

In this one, we appear to be watching what’s called a sideshow where a couple of cars spit out some smoke as they rip tires and do a couple of burnouts and donuts around one another, however, it appears as if the Chevy ended up a little bit out of control here as it ended up plowing straight into the Ford Mustang. Without even skipping a beat, the driver of the Camaro got right back in the throttle and got back to doing more donuts! I would probably speculate that the owner of the Mustang here is going to end up being pretty furious.

I guess that, at the end of the day, it really comes down the idea that they were doing something that they knew held a high potential of getting the car destroyed so how they’re going to sort this all out is really a mystery. I guess at this just really goes to show you that maybe you should be a little but smarter than both of the guys here when you get behind the wheel of a car because you never know what’s going to happen. Trusting someone else’s driving ability in a situation like this where you’re in such close proximity probably also wan’t the greatest idea ever.