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Camaro Takeover! Insane Rides Take on Half Mile Racing!

When it comes to racing in just about any capacity, it’s not too hard to argue with the idea that the Chevrolet Camaro is a car that has really caught on in different racing circles across the performance landscape. Not only are these cars are pretty good bang for your buck right out of the box but also, when it comes to interacting with the aftermarket, the Camaro is really one of the easiest cars to modify, therefore making it a good mix of all factors that would help you burst on the racing scene and make your presence felt.

This time, we check out just that presence as BigKleib34 cameras take us to the WannaGoFast Half Mile event in Georgia as a wide variety of stellar Camaros burst through the long stretch of airstrip, flexing their muscles and in sorts of different capacities whether they be naturally aspirated or boosted, showing that they’re able to put together a pretty good head of steam with the stretch of strip before plowing through the traps at the end of the track, illuminating the boards and showing how fast they’re actually going.

Being on board one of these machines has to be an absolute thrill and now you can get a taste of what that thrill might be like by checking out the video below. These drivers are raring and ready to go so you’d better buckle your seatbelt, get ready to watch some action, and dig into the video below that will take you there. After you get the chance to see with some of these cars have to offer, be sure to tell us which of the group you find be your absolute favorite. There are really some interesting combinations to choose from here.


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