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Can a Boss Hoss V8 Motorcycle Keep Up With a Yamaha R1?

They are built for totally different purposes, but the Boss Hoss and Yamaha R1 are both really fast motorcycles capable of reaching some brutally high speeds. While the R1 relies on the typical sport bike formula of a lightweight frame and high-winding 4-cylinder to reach speeds nearing 200 MPH, while the Boss Hoss is a massive bike that has a full-on V8 powerplant between the wheels that cranks out gobs of power, but they are hefty beasts.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 10.10.07 AM

So, why not line them up and see which one is faster! The Boss Hoss has a decided horsepower advantage, but the R1 is much lighter, so this race could go either way. As you can see in the footage below, the big V8 certainly gets the Boss Hoss up to speed quickly, but the Yamaha walks away pretty easily with it’s lighter weight and high-winding powerplant screaming through he gears as the speeds edge higher and higher.

The Boss Hoss is definitely a cool cruiser that can take you faster than you likely want to go on a bike with a V8 between your legs, but if it’s absolute top speed you want, the R1 walks away with that title in this race.