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Can a Cheap Paint Job be a Good Paint Job? BMW M3 Maaco Experience Explained

With a category like paint work being one that not too many people are exactly professionals in, this is a facet of automotive work that most of have to do a good amount of research on before picking out the proper place to get their car sprayed down. On the surface, though, it seems like an industry where you get exactly what you pay for.

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Now, the first place that you think of when you think of a paint job is Maaco or a similar chain store that specializes in reasonably priced paint jobs but, with all of the horror stories that you hear floating around out there about shops like these, you wonder how “reasonable” those paint jobs actually are.

This time, we take a look inside of Rob Ferretti’s BMW M3 that he gave away and before sending it off to a new owner, he decided to get painted as a part of the renovations and improvents that he did. All of the paint work would be carried out at the aforementioned highly controversial body shop. Now, you can walk in the doors of a place like this and tell them that you want the cheapest possible version of paint job that you can get, in which they will spray down $300 worth of paint to just outside surfaces of the car, not considering any door jambs or additives to the paint. However, Rob sprung for their most expensive job which she says cost him right in the neighborhood of $1800.

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Rob Ferretti

Even though it was their top tier job, Rob kind of felt like he had to go in with low expectations just because of what he had heard and as thus, he wouldn’t have much room to get disappointed if they came up short on the work. Check out the video below to see if the outcome was able to exceed those low expectations when he finally got the Bimmer back. After watching something like this, would you take your car to the shop like Maaco?


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