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Can-Am UTV Flying Through The Whoops Section

I’ve said it before and continue to stand by the assertion that UTV’s are one of, if not the hottest segment of the automotive/motorsports industry. We see more and more content involving these rides daily, and they continue to just get faster and more insane all the time.

This video isn’t one of those well-produced “movie trailer” type clips that features multiple camera angles and huge, pre-planned stunts. Instead, this is just a short clip of a UTV blasting across a whoop-y section of the desert with the cushy suspension soaking up the bumps while the rear tires sling a rooster tail of sand in the air behind the buggy.

The crazy part of this is, with the exception of the sand-specific tires, this Can-Am UTV may very well otherwise be bone stock. These rigs come from the factory with long-travel suspensions that are built to handle this kind of riding with no issue. I’m not saying for sure that it’s all stock, but I’ve seen these things take some serious terrain without so much as a hiccup in showroom stock condition.

Can-Am, Polaris, and even John Deere have all gotten in on the UTV game, which has also generated massive aftermarket support from countless manufacturers and shops who do everything from light bar installs to full custom builds. There are chassis upgrades, suspension parts, and even nitrous and forced induction for these badass rides, leading to them becoming a great way to express ones vision for the ultimate offroading rig.

From the sand to the woods and even on motocross tracks, UTV’s are popping up everywhere. They’ve also become a common sight at the drag strip. Some of them hit the track on test and tune nights, but many more are used as pit transportation and for towing cars to staging and back to the pits after a pass.


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