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Can Costco Oil Perform Well Enough to Save You Money?

We have all seen it.

When moseying through just about any sort of convenience store, the display can sneak up on us sometimes. Out of the corner of an eye, one might catch a display filled with store brand oil. It can be really tempting. For most car enthusiasts, though, we’re likely going to walk right on past without giving it too much extra thought. There’s no way that oil that cheap could be good for our engines in the long haul – or could it?

With something as simple as motor oil, most are probably just going to spend a little bit of extra money. This extra money will be dedicated to buying a brand that will make us feel more comfortable. The real question exists, though, in wondering if buying more expensive oil is simply just purchasing the label on the container.

Sure, it might be an expense that is shortly after forgotten about. However, if we add up every oil change that we’ve ever done, the difference in price might just add up over time. Unless you’re somebody who can afford to throw away money, at least looking at the cheaper option is probably a good idea.

Luckily for us, there are YouTube channels out there that do the leg work for us. After all, there aren’t many people who are equipped to be able to test the actual difference. Furthermore, grenade an engine because you want to be cheap definitely isn’t an option either.

This time, the Project Farm YouTube channel takes it upon themselves to check out Costco oil and compare it to more expensive oil. At the end of the day, is the savings actually worth it? Could this cheap oil potentially be as good as the more expensive alternatives? Well, the companies that spend a ton on marketing probably don’t want us to find out the real answer.