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Can the F-150 Hybrid Outperform a Diesel in a Towing Test?

These days, when it comes to picking out just the right combination for what’s powering your ride, there are so many different options.

For example, when it comes to picking out a pickup truck that you want to use to tow something, it can really make one’s head spin. As of today, there are a ton of different power sources to be considered. Perhaps a hybrid will get the job done. Maybe a small diesel engine would be a tad bit more efficient, though. Perhaps, none of that is good enough and a heavy-duty diesel truck is really what you need to get the job done. Thinking twice, though, maybe it’s a little overkill!

As if all of that wasn’t enough to really sink your teeth into, to get the research started, we’re just now on the brink of electric trucks coming to market. Let’s just say that there is certainly no lack of options out there.

Being able to dig into and dissect all of this information and organizing it in order to get to the right answer can be rather challenging. Thankfully, though, there are plenty of outlets out there that are willing to do the digging for us. This time, we check in with one of those outlets in The Fast Lane as they try out a couple of different combinations to see exactly how these pickups interact with miles per gallon when towing.

This time, in one corner, we have a Ford F-150 which is one of the newest hybrid options on the market. We check in with a relatively new addition to the market in the Jeep Gladiator powered by a diesel engine. In the video below, the crew dives into both of these trucks, talking pros, and cons along with a little bit of an experience of what it’s like to drive each with a trailer on the back.