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Can the Silverado Trail Boss Handle the Nissan Titan Off-Road?

When it comes to the perfect pickup truck, the equation might change depending on who you ask. For some, a pickup should be able to tow with the most weight behind it. Others might ask their pickups to be able to store most people inside comfortably. Perhaps, one metric that pickup truck drivers could look at is the ability to go off of the beaten path.

Now, we would venture to guess that for most people whose primary concern is going off-road, a full-size pick up isn’t going to be their first choice. However, there definitely could be situations where a full-size pickup is the only truck to accomplish the job at hand.

This job might just require heading to a place where the road isn’t paved. Whether that’s a construction site or deep in the woods is definitely going to depend on the particular owner. Being prepared for these situations might be on the top of someone’s priority list. Some of the pickup manufacturers have thought about this pretty hard.

This time, we check out a couple of candidates that might be able to fill that role. Thanks to the guys over at The Fast Lane, we get to follow along with a little comparison of some brand-new trucks. Both from the 2020 model, in one corner, we have a Nissan Titan. In the other, we find a Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss.

This demonstration certainly isn’t going to go easy on these rides as the trucks are really put through the wringer. At the end of this one, we certainly learn a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of each model’s ability to conquer all terrain.

Maybe a full-size pickup is a way to go, even if the job leads you into parts unknown. Having the right tool for every job is essential. We think that your vehicle of choice is one of the most important tools that there is.