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Can you Drive in a RAILROAD SPIKE with a SHOTGUN?

When it comes to all of the endless ways to entertain your audience as a YouTuber, you really need to get creative if you want to keep the audience coming back. This means thinking in new and different ways along with stretching the boundaries of what people previously thought to be possible. This time, we check out a display that shows us how far you can push a shotgun. This isn’t necessarily anything that’s too helpful when it comes to determining if you want to purchase the gun or not but it is entertaining to watch.

To get an idea of just how much force a weapon like this has behind it, the TAOFLEDERMAUS YouTube channel heads out to try and put it on display by driving a railroad spike into a railroad tie. No they’re not using a hammer or anything of the sort, but instead, someone with a pretty good shot and a shotgun in hand. Just being able to lay a shot out there that is able to be that accurate is something to be impressed by let alone being able to see how much the shot is able to drive the spike in. I’m not sure how they ever thought of this because it’s an idea that we certainly would’ve probably never come across.

Follow along in the video down below that takes you to the scene of this wacky experiment and be sure to tell us what you think about all came together to provide us with a result. This one might be pretty off-the-wall, when you think about it, and it leads you to really think about what other kinds of wild experiment you could put a weapon like this up against in order to see how much power it’s really packing in that barrel.


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