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Can you freeze off a padlock with Liquid Nitrogen?

We have all seen demonstrations involving liquid nitrogen and its property of the in able to freeze anything that touches to be in an incredibly solid-state.

In fact, liquid nitrogen gets so cold that whatever it touches tends to get hard and brittle, making it a lot easier to break into pieces and shatter.

This time, we catch up with the Crazy Russian Hacker to see what happens when you apply liquid nitrogen to a traditional padlock to see if anything will happen.

The idea here is to soak the lock in the nitrogen before going out it with a hammer to see if the substance will get the lock to such a temperature where the it will break from force of the hand and the swinging of a hammer.

It’s an incredibly interesting display to watch and the entire thing can be seen in the video below. It really leads you to wonder what else can be accomplished with the use of liquid nitrogen. We know that there are some pretty cool experiments out there that have been conducted with the material.